What I've got from Case Competitions

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Cracking Case interviews and more

“Because of the intensity from a competition setting, you hop on to a steep learning curve and unearth unrealized interests and potentials”

1. Tackle a business challenge structurally

There is nothing that is morning important than structuring a case. Case competitions have been some precious chance for me to learn how to structure a solution for situations ranging from M&A to Global Restructuring. Best of all, you get to learn from fellow competitors from around the world and judges with expert experiences from MBB, Google or some booming start-up.

2. In-Depth industry knowledge

Over the very limited time of a competition, you got to truly understand any market before proposing any meaningful solution. You will be amazed how you begin from knowing nothing and become an industry guru over the intense competition!

3. Work as a team

This one sounds cliche. But whether you could maximize the potential of your team is crucial for outshining the others. In the setting where you only have a few hours (or up to 24hrs) to crack a case, you must concur the stress and manage how to team up effectively.

4. Skills that is not in your textbooks

Every case is unique. You could be learning how to prototype and app this time and trying to value the unicorn startup the other time. As a student, there simply isn't any better chance for you to get your hands dirty and experience what real businesses do.

by Henry Tse

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